PM Laptop Distribution Scheme 2022 Registration Last Date

The registration deadline for the PM Laptop Distribution Scheme 2022 is approaching quickly.

The government is trying to educate students about the benefits of computer technology.

As the future of our country is based on computers, it is important that our young people have the means to access online services.

Last Date Of The Program

The last date for this program is December 10, 2022. To participate in this program, you need to meet the following criteria.

You must be a college student, a graduate student, or a student in a higher educational institution.

You must be a student in order to qualify for the PM Laptop Distribution Scheme 2022.

The qualification to receive a laptop is the same for elementary and intermediate level students, regardless of whether they attend a traditional university or a non-

traditional institution. For instance, students must have a GPA of at least 60% in their majors in order to be considered for the program.

Likewise, you must hold an official NOC from the HEC for any college or university.

If you’re a student in any of the above mentioned educational levels, you can apply for the PM Laptop Distribution

Scheme. You must be a Pakistani citizen, and you must have a minimum GPA of 3.00 in order to qualify.

You must be a student of the Pakistan Govt University. If you don’t meet the requirements, you will not receive a laptop. So, register now!

The PM Laptop Distribution Scheme 2022 Registration Last Date is September 30, 2022!

The deadline for submitting your application is the same as that of the first phase.

It is a good opportunity to get a free laptop for your studies. The scheme is expected to provide thousands of free

computers to deserving students in the first phase. The HEC also has a deadline of February 25, 2022, for accepting offers from companies.

If you’re a Pakistani citizen and a student, you can register for the PM Laptop Distribution Scheme 2022 at HEC.

There is a registration form for the PM Laptop Distribution Scheme 2022 online. The form can be found on the

government’s website and filling it out will not take too much time. The government plans to distribute 200,000 laptops to

students in Phases IV and V of the scheme. The deadline for the online registration will be announced later.

This program is intended to increase the level of education in Pakistan and make it easier for students to get a good job.

Apply Here

The PM Laptop Distribution Scheme 2022 Registration Last Date is a great opportunity for high school and college

students to gain valuable computer skills. This program will support students in learning new skills, enhancing their

studies and allowing them to complete tasks quickly with their new laptop. As a result, the students will learnw

How to use their laptops to learn about the latest technology. Moreover, it will also help students learn about the

importance of technology in modern life. Having a laptop in small classrooms means that students will have moreo pportunities to take courses and education online.

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