PM Starts Eid Al Adha Program

Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, has started the registration process for his Ehsaas Eid Al-Adha program.

This program is for the poor families of Pakistan, and it will be run for the next five years. During this time, people will be given Rs. 16000 if they qualify for it.

Note:Anyone who asks you to pay Ehsaas Program fee then they are  the scamer And Don’t send  money to them. So you just need to contact the Ehsaas Program official in your district.

Ehsas Eid ul Adha For Students

The Ehsaas Eid Al-Adha Scholarship Program will provide Rs 12,000 per student in Pakistan to complete their studies.

The scheme is for low-income families and will be offered to students with financial need. The number of scholarships is between 50 thousand and 200,000.

Eligible students can apply for the program online. 

The program will be available in all provinces of Pakistan, and it offers an emergency needs allowance of Rs 12,000 per family.

This program has a huge impact on the economy of Pakistan, as it ranks third in the world in insured individuals and insured populations. However, people must register for it early enough to receive the benefits.

How To Apply For Ehsas Eid Ul Adha

The Ehsaas Eidi Payment Scheme is a government welfare program, administered by 15 centers in Pakistan and all four provinces of the country. Through this program, low-income and property

The Government of Pakistan is launching the Ehsaas Eidi Payment Program for the poor and deserving citizens. The program’s main goal is to bring

happiness to the poor by providing some set up money. The program will end in 2022, so people must act now to get their application form.

When the application form opens, they should expect to receive the payments by the end of August. 2022

Here For Ehsas Eid Ul Adha Registartion Form

Interested applicants can begin submitting their applications as early as February, 2019. There is a set fund size, application process, and application requirements.

Apply Here

In the meantime, completing the application form is a quick and painless way to get the cash they need to celebrate Eid.

The Ehsaas Eid Al Adha program has been a government initiative for bringing happiness to the poor since its inception in 2007.


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